Completed Projects

KNPCVS, Shirwal
List Of Completed Research Projects

No.DepartmentTitle Of Research ProjectAmount (Rs. in Lakhs)Remarks
1Animal NutritionSustainable rural livelihood security project in backward districts of Maharashtra (NAIP) [Collaborative project]22.00Completed
2Animal ReproductionSocio-economic up-liftment of Down Trodden Community through Pig farming and cross breeding of native pigs (RKVY)38.84Completed
3Livestock Products & TechnologySocio-economic up-liftment of farmers community through technology of value addition to milk (RKVY)60.00Completed
4Poultry Science1. Turkey farming training centre

2. Sustainable rural livelihood security of women of Satara district of Maharashtra through diversified turkey farming

3.Sustainable Rural Livelihood Security in Backward Districts of Maharashtra ( ICAR, New Delhi)


5Surgery & RadiologyEstablishment of Multispecialty Veterinary Clinical Complex, Diagnostic Laboratory and Training Centre at KNP College of Veterinary Science, Shirwal (RKVY)499.00Completed
6Physiology & BiochemistryAssessment of Mineral profile relationship of Animals, Soil, Feeds and Fodders in the State of Maharashtra for improvement of Livestock Production potential (MLDB, Govt of MS)12.54Completed
7BiochemistryAssociation of sperm Mitochondrial functional Markers with semen quality traits in Murrah buffalo30.00Completed
8ARGOPrevention and therapeutic management for diseases causing reproductive failures in animals132Completed